Latest Updates

25-04-2020: Due to DPS scheme and drowndown of prices, many foreign investors are investing in this property. Very limited unit left. Call Now to know more details.

27-03-2020: #21-20 1 bedroom tenanted unit is available for sale. Price is $1,673,000.

11-03-2020: Sold 3 units #22-30 1bdrm, #08-23 1bdrm, #25-19 2bdrm!!

03-03-2020:12 units SOLD in just 3 days. PSF starts from $2170 Only !!

26-11-2019: After Relaunch 2+Study (Stack 34 11units and Stack 32 7units) Sold since 16-Nov, 18 units sold. Hurry Up!!

21-11-2019: The highest floor and most expensive 3+S sold. Click Here to know the star buy units.

19-11-2019: Next cheapest unit to go 1bdrm #12-30 (NPS: $1,612,344) 2bdrm+Study #07-34 (NPS $2,365,219) 3bdrm+Study #06-25(NPS: $3,457,080) !!

16-11-2019: 9 units have flown off the shelves within 2 days!! (1BR #09-29, 1BR #12-29, 2BR #15-19, 2+S #24-27, 2+S #13-32, 2+S #18-32, 2+S #25-32, 2+S #20-32 Cheque on hand, 2+S #32-27 Cheque on hand!!)

02-11-2019:14 Units sold over the weekend at Marina One relaunch!!

01-11-2019: Click Here for Best Deferred  Payment Scheme (DPS) Available. Stay for free or Collect rent for 1 year.

15-10-2019: NEW Showflats Sales Gallery Tour for Marina One Residences.


09-10-2019: Latest  Starbuy Units available. Hurry Up!!

09-10-2019: Updated prices after 1% Discount for early bird starting from 10th Oct 2019. Check Out Here!!

23-07-2019: We still have value buys from $2182psf (2 plus study, $2.559mil) and $2211psf (3 plus study, $3.522mil)

15-07-2019: Marina One Residences #06-33 Sold!

29-06-2019: Marina One Residences resale unit, High Floor, #04-22 @ $1.76mil

24-06-2019: Consumer Seminar of 5 Key Strategies For Successful Investment In Central Singapore.

30-04-2019: Units are releasing till level 25 for stack 36 with immediate effect.

30-04-2019: 3 + Study 1582sqft with price to be confirmed.

28-03-2019: 8 Units SOLD in 2 days. Shortly after URA 2019 draft masterplan circulated!

27-03-2019: URA Draft Master Plan 2019: More housing planned for CBD, Marina Bay area. Marina One Residences $2100psf+ is really good choice. Read More.

15-02-2019: Last 3 Starbuy Units. Hurry Up!!

30-01-2019: Stacks 23, 24, 29 & 34 are NOT OPENED for sale! Click Here to get the sorted units according to size, lowest quantm and lowest psf.

18-01-2019: Compared to the other projects Marina One Residences is the best buy!! Look Here for market analysis.

18-01-2019: Click Here for recent transactions

17-01-2019: Marina One Residences Developer announced Starbuy Units. Hurry Up!!

17-01-2019: Marina One Residences Pent House are available for viewing.

17-11-2018: Park tower Showflat #29-08 (4 bed) is Avail for sale.

12-11-2018: Latest prices updated. Click Here to view.

20-09-2018: Price list updated with latest prices, Checkout for prices.

14-06-2018: VVIP Preview announced to be held on 18-Jun to 1-Jul.

12-06-2018: Garden Tower new showflat site briefing happening on 13-June.

10-06-2018: Garden Tower floor plans released, Click Here to view.

07-06-2018: Garden Tower Launched.

03-06-2018: Last day to see the current showflat.

02-06-2018: Left with very few units.